Leslie has a natural sense of style and focuses on what will suit YOU, not what she prefers. She has a great eye and is a joy to be around. I highly recommend working with her!

Jaclyn, Attorney, Rye, NY — True Winter, Romantic

WOMEN friends in NYC: I was a huge beneficiary of the wisdom and kind advice of Leslie Chatzinoff, who helped me figure out the best colors and styles for me, clean out my closet and get a better, simpler handle on what I should be wearing (within my budget). She has a great eye and wonderful style herself, and most of all, is a truly terrific person. I remain very grateful! 

Rebecca, NY, NY — Dark Winter, Soft Dramatic 

Working with Colouressence and Leslie is an absolute pleasure. Leslie's warmth and openness put you immediately at ease, and her enthusiasm for making all of her clients look their absolute best is contagious. Now, when I am out shopping and grabbing things to try on in the dress room, I can hear her wonderful voice in my head directing me to the colors, styles and textures that will accentuate my features and turn heads. I would whole-heartedly recommend a visit to Colouressence for everyone--from the fashionista to the woman who loathes a visit to the department store. You'll leave in a great mood and equipped with tips to make your next trip to Bloomingdales a smashing success!

Elissa, NY, NY — True Autumn, Soft Natural

Leslie opened up a whole new world of possibilities for my personal style while simultaneously making it much easier for me to focus only on colors and fits that are the most flattering. With a NYC sized closet it's so great to tune out all that white fashion noise and be confident in making wardrobe selections that are truly awesome as opposed to just "OK".

Alexis, NY, NY — True Autumn, Romantic

I left Leslie’s color analysis feeling prettier and more confident; I knew what colors I liked, but I’d never considered that shades of colors can make a subtle difference in how you look (and more important, feel). Leslie takes the process seriously, and makes it a lot of fun. It was a very enjoyable and eye-opening afternoon; Treat yourself!

Amy C., New Jersey — True Autumn, Soft Natural

An in-depth consultation with Coloressence (Leslie Chatzinoff) was instrumental in making me look good, and as importantly, giving me confidence that I am projecting my best self forward. Her expertise in defining and articulating the styles and colors that suit me best have made a tremendous difference in my personal and professional demeanor.

 Shira L., Queens, NY — True Summer, Exotic Romantic

It took one session with Leslie for her to determine that my body type required softer fabrics in warm colors - a mantra I keep in mind now when I go shopping.  Her insight has made shopping a lot easier.

K.B., NY, NY — Dark Autumn, Soft Classic

Leslie has an incredible sense of color and style. She quickly figured out my color palette and body type and helped me update my wardrobe and make-up accordingly. I have never felt as comfortable and sparkly in my skin. And others have taken note, too! Leslie also taught me how to save lots of money shopping by buying items I can mix and match - and by buying only things that flatter my skin tone, hair color and type. I now notice colors and fashion styles differently. Leslie is an absolute pleasure to work with - fun, classy, gracious and the best at bringing out beauty in whomever she works with! 

Lena, Berlin, Germany — Soft Autumn, Soft Gamine

What I love about working with Leslie is not just her expertise at helping me identify what colors and styles work best for me, but her care and concern for each individual as a whole person. She does this work out of such a sense of purpose, of really wanting to help everyone look and feel her very best through and through, and that is wonderful and inspiring. Of course thanks to her I also learned, among many other things, that brown is my black—not a trivial thing for a New Yorker!

Lori K., NY, NY —True Autumn, Soft Classic