Services: Personal Color Analysis

How Long Does a PCA Take?
The session is, on average, about 3-3.5 hours depending on how easy or difficult it is to come to a result and whether or not cosmetics will be applied.

Do I Have to Remove My Makeup?
Yes. Please arrive at the appointment without makeup if at all possible.

No foundation, tinted powders or moisturizers, no moisturizers of any kind, or eye liners, brow liners, mascara, lip gloss/balm, etc. Naked face!

Can I Wear My Glasses or Contact Lenses?

Glasses are usually removed. If you are near sighted, it still should be fine. I have you seated very close to the mirror, so you should be able to see. If not, we can work around them.

Contacts are fine unless they are tinted or colored. Then if they are removable, it would be best to do so. If not, again, we can work around them.

What About Videos?

I don’t allow video taping at the consultation.

Do You Take Photos?

Sometimes. Your photos will not be shared on public media without your consent. I may take “before” and “after” photos. The “after” photo will be taken in your seasonal cosmetics and drapes.

Can I Take Photos?

Yes, you can. However, sending photos or texting on social media during your consultation is prohibited.

Your analysis will be performed in a neutral gray environment under full-spectrum lighting, which is critical for an accurate analysis.

What Does the Analysis Consist of?

  • I start with a mini Science 101 informational introduction to color and its visual effects, which is the premise on which color analysis is performed.
  • You will be seated comfortably in front of a mirror with me standing behind you in order for both of us to be able to observe the visual effects of each color.
  • A series over 40 test drapes will be placed across your chest under your chin to determine your color tone.
  • For women, once the analysis is complete and your personal color tone is determined, you will receive a cosmetic makeover in colors that coordinate with your personal coloring.
  • We will then go back to the mirror, and you will be draped with a luxury set of drapes in your color tone so you can see yourself in your most flattering colors and discuss color combinations.  I call this the “Oooh – Ahh Session.” The effects are stunning!

What Will I Receive?

  • A “Personal Book of Color” which contains 65 of your very best colors. I will show you how to “harmonize” your palette to find the hundreds of colors in your seasonal range that may not be on the actual color fan.
  • There are two Personal Books of Color. One book  is the “Classic”, the other is the “Corporate”. The Corporate book shows more fashion neutral colors for business. This is the book men will receive. One book comes with your analysis. If you wish to purchase the other one, you can do so for $80

The fee for a Personal Color Analysis is $375