Colouressence Premier Service  is focussed on helping busy professional women create an effective Business Casual wardrobe so that they can leverage their time better and have an image that will help her achieve her professional goals. You can book a free phone consultation or call me at 917.825.7262 or email me at to find out more.

Please see below to read about what is included with this Service.

You can book a free telephone consultation here to learn more or call Leslie at 917.825.7262

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Colouressence Maximum Image Impact Service includes the following:

1. Personal Color Analysis (PCA) - including- A 12 Tone Swatch book with 65 Colors with an estimated value of $75, acomplimentary makeup application in your seasons customized colors and recommendations for hair color.  See PCA faqs.

2. Personal Image Analysis (PIA) - During a PIA the client's bone structure (vertical line, shoulder shape, length and width of arms, legs, hands and feet), body type (shape, bust and hipline, upper torso, legs and arms), facial bones and facial features are assessed in order to determine the most harmonious and flattering styles that reflect and exude the essence of you or what is called your image archetype (Dramatic, Natural, Classic, Gamine and Romantic or a blend of two types).

3. Wardrobe Review and Edit - This process will include going through each item in your closet one by one and making three piles: “Yes,” “No,” and “Maybe.” The Yes pile is self explanatory—these are the clothes that make you look fabulous. The “Maybe” pile consists of pieces that might work for you by pairing them with “Yes” garments or with tailoring.

4. Your Virtual Closet and Look Book - This will include uploaded photos of all items kept in your wardrobe, suggested buys based on your needs and budget, then a look book is created combining what you have bought with what you own. You will never have to panic again...just look at your virtual closet, it's just a click away! 

Additional Service

5. Personal Shopping -  Guided shopping in stores where we can shop together or items can be selected for you in advance. "Try ons" can also be arranged at your office or at home, which ever work best for you. Items bought will be added to your virtual closet and included in your look book. 

Colouressence Essential Image Impact Services includes a PCA (see description above) and a PIA (See description above)

  Email her at or call Leslie at 917.825.7262 to book an appointment